About Me

 I’m one of the laziest college students you will ever know. God is number 1. I ‘m a self-proclaimed artist. Making people laugh gives me joy. I love many different things ranging from all forms of media to homemade brownies. But since i find many things interesting that I want to share with you guys, you’ll  find different topics such as views on natural hair ,race and social justice, fashion, photography, traveling, relationships, God/religion, movie/tv reviews, art, & musings about life in general. I like to speak my mind, so some of my topics might seem controversial, but i still want to put it out there. I love finding out i’m not the only person thinking a certain way. Well, I hope you can relate to my blog in some type of way, and that it will brighten your day(s).

With Love,

Kerry B. 😉

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