True Life

On Bill Cosby, Victim Blaming, and What it Means to be a Rape Survivor

Beautiful concise and clear written article.

The SpeakLove Project


Trigger Warning:  Discussion of rape/victim blaming experiences

Fourteen years ago, I was raped.

It was late fall, 2001.  I was in the first semester of my 9th grade year in high school, 14 years old.  My parents had just gotten divorced, and I’d recently transferred to a new school district for a fresh start and to escape the familial bullying I’d endured for years at my old school.  I was walking to my local Boys and Girls Club branch after school when some kids invited me over to their house for a few minutes.  It was on the way to my destination, and I was really excited that these kids – older than me – wanted to hang out with me.  In my naiveté, I was flattered and excited that I – a freshman, new transfer, and kind of nerdy kid – was being invited to hang out with…

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