True Life

My journey back to the world of blogging…

Hello guys…I’m back! There have been many many changes in my life since I’ve left the blogging world. It havn’t written my own blog post in about…maybe two years? Wow, how crazy time passes by. I’ve acquired new interests, made new friends and lost others along the way, experienced some heartache and love, overcame some of my fears, learned more about myself, gained a better understanding of who God is to me, learned more about my history…and many many more things. But I think one of the best things that has happened to me, is realizing that writing is one of my first loves, and blogging is somewhat like a first love to me. So…I will be posting what has really been on my mind for a while. Get ready…it might ruffle some feathers…but thats what comes with blogging!

-Kerry B.


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