After much deliberation…

I finally decided to make a real blog. Yay! ^_^

I thought about doing this for months, but I had many doubts such as “No one is going to read my blog!”, and “I haven’t taken an English class for am i suppose to make a grammatically correct blog? “. Thank God that blogs have proofreaders.

I conquered my fears and started this blog, because hey, you never know what will happen until you try. I initially wanted to earn money from blogging, since it’s summer and i cant find a simple job. Another doubt i had was,  “What if I don’t make money from blogging?” But I realized that I love to write and share my weird sense of humor with people, so its not all about the money. (Anyone remember that song from Jessie J, Price Tag? )

Its more about making people laugh, making people think deeply, and allowing people to have something to look forward to at the end of a long day.  Well this is all I really have to save for my first ever legit blog post, so i will leave this cute dog picture with you:



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